Liste des conférences acceptées
Dmitrii Koshelev Finite field mapping to elliptic curves of $j$-invariant $1728$
Florian Caullery A timing attack on some implementations of ROLLO and RQC
Michael Scott Deploying curve based cryptography for the Internet of Things
Simon Landry, Yanis Linge and Emmanuel Prouff Monomial Evaluation of Polynomial Functions Protected by Threshold Implementations
François Rodier Non-linearity of the Carlet-Feng function, and repartition of Gauss sums
Bastien Pacifico, Stéphane Ballet and Alexis Bonnecaze On the multiplication in finite fields with algorithms of type Chudnovsky on the projective line
Thanh-Hung Dang, Stephane Ballet and Alexis Bonnecaze A note on improving scalar complexity of Chudnovsky$^2$ multiplication algorithm in finite fields
Raphaël Abelé, Daniele Fronte, Pierre-Yvan Liardet, Jean-Marc BoïJean-Luc Damoiseaux and Djamal Merad Efficient Integrated Circuits Characterization Through Computer Vision Assistance
Wei ChengSylvain Guilley and Jean-Luc Danger Categorizing All Linear Codes of IPM over $\F_{2^8}$
Christophe Genevey-Metat, Benoît Gérard and Annelie Heuser On What to Learn: Towards Deeply Learned Profile Robustness
Nadia El Mrabet A fault attack in pairing based cryptography
Yves Aubry, Elena Berardini, Fabien Herbaut and Marc Perret Bounds on the minimum distance of algebraic geometry codes dened over some families of surfaces
Charles Momin, Bronchain Bronchain and Francois-Xavier Standaert A Stealthy Hardware Trojan based on a Statistical Fault Attack
Maamar OuladjPhilippe Guillot and Farid Mokrane Generalized Spectral Approach to speed up the Correlation Power Analysis
Lina Mortajine, Othman Benchaalal, Pierre-Louis Cayrel and Nadia El Mrabet Deep learning side channel attack against NTRU
Charles-Henry Bertrand Van Ouytsel, Olivier Bronchain, Gaëtan Cassiers and Francois-Xavier Standaert How to Fool a Black Box Machine Learning Based Side-Channel Security Evaluation
Fabien Herbaut, Yves Aubry and Ali Issa Maximal differential uniformity of polynomials of some given degrees
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