International Conference in Cryptography

ATTENTION, please note that the YACCRYPTED conference is CANCELED.

This 1st edition will be held from 15 to 19 June 2020, in the village IGESA, on the island of Porquerolles, France.

YACCRYPTED  (Yet Another Conference on CRYPTography and Embedded Devices) is the fusion of YACC (Yet Another Conference on Cryptography) and CRYPTO'PUCES conferences.

The purpose of the YACCRYTED conference is to make a regular update on the state of research, and the development of methods and tools used in cryptography.

The size of the conference is limited to about thirty participants in order to provide researchers with an unusual working and exchange environment for a meeting of cryptologists.
Indeed, cryptographic research is very active worldwide, there can be counted a hundred or so international events each year. The main conferences in these fields depend on an international organization, they are itinerant and they bring together several hundred researchers. There are only two other regular meetings on the theme of YACCRYPTED that are organized on the national territory. The first is a national conference organized by the C2 group (coding / cryptography) of the GDR Informatique et Mathématique (GDR IMwhich aims to gather (every 18 months) French PhD students and researchers concerned with coding and cryptography. The second is the WCC (Workshop on Coding and Cryptography) conference organized by the SECRET project of INRIA (the French research institute for digital sciences) in Paris, which is also held every two years, every two years. outside France, once in two in Paris.

The YACCRYPTED conference will be a privileged place for exchanges between academic researchers and industry researchers particularly involved in the Secured Communicating Solutions (SCS Cluster).

Major French companies involved in cryptographic research naturally participate in the event (FT-research and development, ST-Microelectronics, Canal +, Gemalto (they were included with Thales), SCM-Microelectronics, Thales, Inside Secure, Technicolor).





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